Friday, October 29, 2010

Wedding Photography Secrets - The Workshop by TOPCAT!!!

Finally! We're rolling out our first Wedding Photography workshop here! We've been asked many times to hold wedding photographers' workshops, but honestly 2010 is like, zooming past us so fast, we hardly have time to add anything else to our schedule. So we decided to START EARLY in 2011!

8th & 9th January 2011.

With 20 over years of experience in photographing weddings (yes, we started way back in the 80's!...and do stop guessing the age!), we feel it's right to share our experiences, our ups and downs and all the "selok belok" of a wedding photographer here in Malaysia.

Knowledge gained and knowledge not shared is knowledge we're gonna give you everything!

Malaysia is unique. Our story is unique. Our experiences, some pretty amusing, and the rest, we trust will value add and enrich your lives as a wedding photographer.
Check out the link attached for more details. Don't miss this one. It might be awhile before the second one takes place! We truly believe in providing quality workshops, so we practically drop everything else just to prepare for our workshops.

There will be lots of sharing (from how we started to how part timers should market themselves, staying relevant in the industry, royalty protocols in weddings etc), video tutorials, bridal shooting session (yes, complete with bridal gowns), how we create our albums, editing, etc etc...lots more! Infact, we're still packing in more for this workshop!

Come join us. RM1,300 (discounts for early birds!) for 2 DAYS!!!
It will be revealing. It will be inspiring. It will be FUN!

To register, call or text us at 012-3829916 (suhaimi).


TOPCat Studio
"real learning starts when the minds starts exploring new windows..."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Portraits Lighting Workshop!

Thanks to all our participants for the energy and enthusiasm during the 2-day workshop just 2 weeks ago. Here's some BTS pics and of course, the portraits from the workshop. Enjoy! If you wish to be a part of our workshop and start shooting like a pro, just give us a call @ 012-3829916 (Suhaimi) to register! It's that easy!
Coming soon - "Wedding Photography Secrets" (for aspiring wedding photographers) and "I'm A Newbie - Teach Me Everything!" (for beginners who wants to speed up their understanding of DSLR photography).
"Real learning starts when the mind starts exploring new windows..." - TOPCat
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