Thursday, April 29, 2010

Calling Aspiring/New Models : TOPCat MODEL ShootOut!!!

The hunt is on...for new and aspiring models. We're holding a Model ShootOut session in May 2010. Call or message us for appointment. You will receive more than just images. We'll share experiences with you - effective posing techniques, how to help your photographer get the images they want, using facial expressions and body language for powerful images, understanding lighting (yes, even for models!) and so much more!!!

FAQs about TOPCat MODEL ShootOut

1. I'm not exactly new, but can I join?
Sure you can. As long as you are open to learning, we welcome you. The modeling profession, like photography, is so dynamic that there's always new things to learn.

2. When is the ShootOut Session?
There will be a few in May 2010. Weekdays and weekends. Call in to make appointment. If we're full on that day, we are flexible on date and time, so just fix another date that is convenient for all.

3. Do I have to pay anything?
NO. We are not charging for this session because this specially catered for models who want to improve themselves. When models improve and gain more knowledge, it helps photographers. That is good enough for us.

4. What comes after this ShootOut Session?
We will include you in TOPCat Studio's NextTopModel List, which means that we will contact you for any future shoots, if you are available/interested.

5. Do I get paid for future shoots?
Yes, if we find that you have enough experience to model professionally.
Not yet, if we find that you still need exposure and guidance. Usually, by the 3rd shoot, you will already be paid a mutually agreed upon fee, unless you still need lots of guidance.

6. I hate being taken advantage of, and not being paid!
Of course. We hate that, too! As long as we agree upfront on the fees, or on whether the shoot is TFCD basis, it will be win-win for both.

7. Can we model for other photographers after this?
Of course you can. We encourage you to take on offers from other photographers for modeling assignments. That is how you can continue to grow professionally. Infact, we will recommend you to other studios who are in need of models. We leave it to you to discuss your fees with them.

8. Why is TOPCat Studio doing this for free?
Because we're good, generous, kind....(teeheehee...) and also because we find that there are many new models who want to be good, but have no proper direction and guidance. Good looks alone does not guarantee you a great future as a model. Most important is, we believe, to have a great POSITIVE attitude. When you have great attitude, you can take on anything. We like to impart these knowledge to you, because we can. We have been blessed in that we're able to pursue what what we are passionate about - it's time to give back. So you see, the best things in life ARE free...Furthermore, we also require fresh talents from time to time. So we do need to have a talented pool of models.

9. I have already done lots of shooting session with other photographers, should I have another one with TOPCat Studio?
Only you can answer that. Remember that with us, we will also impart knowledge on being a professional model.

10. Can I have my Modeling Portfolio done with TOPCat Studio?
Sure you can. It's important for you to be comfortable with the photographer who's doing your portfolio shoot. There must be trust and mutual understanding. If you find that in us after your ShootOut session, stick with us!

11. What else do you offer to models like us?
Besides tea and coffee...we plan to host mini learning sessions in future, specially for models. So you do need to be on our list....

If those don't cover your questions, just ask further.
Thank you for taking the time to digest all these info. We can't wait to start.

Cheers and have a great day!
+6 012-3829916

GREAT Outdoor Portraits 2

What a BLAST it was last Saturday! Rained heavily at 2am...alhamdullilah, we were blessed with fine weather by the time we started gathering at 7.30am. A big "Thank You" to all participants and special thanks to Yana and Sofea for being our models for the day. All had great fun, and most important, beginners or not, see the images they produced at the end of the day!!! Unbelievable! Shooting using kit lenses, they learnt about shooting with a single light source, mixing daylight with flash (when it got cloudy), sculpting subjects with MUCH more!!!

Have fun admiring their images...JOIN US for the next workshop! It's serious fun!

Don't just be a "point and shoot" or "program mode" shooter! Learn to control settings, to get the image you want, not just what the camera produce!
"Real learning starts when the mind starts exploring new windows..."
+6 012 3829916

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

GREAT Outdoor Portraits for Enthusiasts - 24 April 2010

The GREAT Outdoor Portraits workshop is BACKKKK!!!! Come join us on Saturday 24th April 2010! Call for registration NOW!

In this workshop, you will gain new insights on how to CREATE amazing portraits using available lights; how to ENHANCE an otherwise normal portrait to make it look glamourous; what can be done to ATTRACT viewers to your portraits. In short - it's not technical mumbo-jumbos that makes a portrait great. Learn to create surreal, dramatic and moody images. Learn to see through your MIND'S EYE.

"Real learning starts when the minds starts exploring new windows...."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Celebrate FAMILY Love

This is the third family fun portrait with Farshad and family. We've been privileged to document the growing up months of his sons, Keyan & Ryan. This Canadian family is now no stranger to studio lights and set ups! Sharing some of the fun images here...

Keyan & Mum

With Farshad, their Dad...

Keyan taking a break - this makes a great candid shot...

Finally, when we could get them all together - well, for at least 10 secs!!!

For super family FUN photoshoot - make a date with us today!

Friday, April 2, 2010

FUN White Room Photoshoots

It's amazing, the number of photoshoots done since we introduced our CELEBRATE Life Through Photography series. Here are some FUN Photoshoots done recently in our whiteroom.

ELLY & LUDO - Fun Couple Photoshoot

LIYANA - Celebrate YOU!

Check out more images from time to time - click "Whiteroom" tab on the right.
For your own Whiteroom FUN, call us for Studio Appointment!

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