Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby Portraits 2012

Babies and toddlers and fun to shoot. Though they can sometimes get mighty cheeky during their portrait sessions (trust us!), they challenge you to produce best shots under trying circumstances!

People often ask how to get the babies to look at the camera, or how to get them in a certain "baby portrait" position, or how long it takes to get them to sleep - to get those cute sleeping babies portraits...the answer - you never get a baby/toddler to do anything! They are the boss in the studio! Period!
It will help to make lots of preparation before the session so there are alternatives, in case the shot you want didn't happen the way you wanted it to...(which is quite often!). Some parents do request for certain cute "baby poses" they've seen over the internet (darn those internet images!) - we set expectations right, by letting them know that baby is BOSS! Sometimes, they may need to come back another day if baby is not in photo-taking mood....Yes, it takes a lot of patience, and most importantly, you've got to love babies! You can't get great portraits without that special connection with the little ones...
Come and get your baby portraits done - they grow up pretty fast!
BABY PORTRAITS January to March 2012 Promo
Home/Studio Portraits @ RM650 - with one framed 8R print
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Friday, April 1, 2011

April 2011 - "BABY's DAY OUT"!!!

Yes, for the month of April, we're celebrating babies!!! Bring your baby in for a portrait session this month, cos there's a special promo for the little ones... At only RM250, you will receive 10 baby images on CD (instead of the usual 5 images @ RM399). Do note that this promo is valid for weekend sessions (April weekends are too full for us to commit), and also valid for BABY only. Should you prefer to have a full family portrait done, do opt for our Family Fun Photoshoot. Call now to book your preferred studio date and time. Now, isn't this sumthing to go "Goo goo, gaa gaa" about? TOPCat Studio 012-3829916