Sunday, January 29, 2012

GRAB "The Great Outdoor Portraits" Promo by TOPCat Studio!

Portraits are our passion. Judge from the images you see. No MUA, no props, and yet you can look stunning! Imagine, what we can do with an MUA :D
Come to us for a portrait session, or give someone you love, the gift of a personal portrait session.
You'll be surprise at what we all can do!
Call 012-3829916 (TopCat Suhaimi) to book your portrait session.
FEBRUARY Promo - for every successful recommendation, get yourself a COMPLIMENTARY personality portrait!
***RM900 for a 3-hour outdoor session with enlargement***

Monday, January 16, 2012

Great Outdoor Portraits 2012!

Couples and Singles GREAT OUTDOOR PORTRAITS promo is here - Jan - March 2012!!!
YES - this is an outdoor photoshoot, for couples and singles, too.
RM1,200 for a 4-hour session (couples) / RM900 for a 3-hour session (singles)
(Fees include post production on selected images, and one 16 x 20 canvas print)
Rest assured, it's not about taking photos only, it's about styling you, selecting suitable themes, getting the best shots for you! It's about an experience you'll never forget, and memories you get to keep forever...
So make your way to TOPCat Studio - call 012-3829916
for the GREAT OUTDOOR PORTRAITS photoshoot of your lifetime!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

BEAUTY PORTRAITS Promo - January to February 2011

Beauty portraits @ TOPCat Studio!
JANUARY -FEBRUARY 2012 Promo Month

o Studio Session with a 16" x 20" Canvas Print (w/o frame) @ RM900.
o Studio Session without prints @ RM450. Prints are optional.

Book a Beauty Portrait session with us today.

Beauty Portraits can also be a GIFT to someone you treasure & love :)
Call TOPCat Studio at 012-3829916 (Suhaimi)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


January 2012! 5 days into the first month, and already plenty of stuff to do, like editing and designing wedding albums! See some of our album designs...
Range from RM1,600 - RM3,500 per event.
RM1,800 per event
(Also available, live broadcast of event)
Call us at 012-3829916 for appointment at the studio.