Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lyana & Amir - Rendezvous Hotel & Post Wedding Outdoor Shoot

After the reception (hardly able to keep their eyes open!), the bride and groom graciously obliged to a few portrait shots before calling it a night!

We're gonna be seeing Amir & Lyana this weekend at Dewan Perdana when Amir's family host the reception here in KL.

Here are some shots done a day after their wedding. We only had a few hours to shoot before continuing our drive back to KL, so there was no chance of waiting for the perfect lighting - boy, did we endure the midday sun with a temperature that felt like boiling point!

Our patience finally paid off when the paths were cleared of people taking Sunday strolls. With only a few seconds of clearance we got the shot without anyone peering from behind!

Right after this shot was taken, we all headed for the ice cream man parked nearby for some cooling down!
Take a look at us (reflection) - all working hard to get the best lighting!

See you this weekend, Amir & Lyana!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

FUNTASTIC Shootout Session at TOPCAT Studio!

We've been pretty occupied these past few weeks (since the opening of TopCAT Studio)!
Below are the reasons why! These are only a few of the images captured - we're still editing and uploading! Meanwhile, enjoy...

Wilson, Nasrin, Aliya & Baby Maya popped in recently and had their fun family portrait session taken. Nasrin - not to worry, we did get quite a number of great shots with Aliya!!!

Wilson & Baby Maya

Mummy Nasrin with Baby Maya (left) & Aliya (right) - the things we had to do to get Aliya's pictures taken!
Baby Maya!

Aww...finally we got it done!

Below was a session done with Fida - make-up artist and also part-time model. After some warming up, Fida ended the shot with the "catwoman" look! But first - it started with an elegant dinner wear (Fida also provides bridal and dinner dresses for hire/sale).

"Catwoman" emerges!
Fida's personal favourite.
Following shots are of Syina & her very camera shy partner! Both are final year students at UITM. Wishing you both a happy journey ahead!

Syina's a natural in front of the camera.

Here are shots of Liza & Myra - minus the Daddy (cos he's gotta work!). So, Liza - hopefully, we'll have Sacher next in the studio!

Getting Myra warmed up!

...and she dances for the camera.

The little cutie...(so Liza - No. 2 soon?!!)
Thanks for dropping by y'all - was a pleasure seeing all!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wedding Videos by www.nurulsuhaimi.com

Here's a collection of Malaysian Weddings video montage from http://www.nurulsuhaimi.com/. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as we had editing them!

1. John & Fern - This was a fun-filled 3-day non-stop video shoot in Langkawi, Four Seasons Resort which we did together with Jim Liaw (MPA) and Ning. Jim captured the winning shots while we put together for John & Fern their "making of" video. The entire video was about 20 minutes, so we've clipped off some shots leaving about 4-5 minutes here for easy viewing.

2. Amir & Lyana - Love Across The Causeway (S'pore 2009)

3. Dirah & Dause - Akad Nikah & Wedding Reception at Shah Alam - Selangor D.E.

4. Aliah & Anas - Majlis Akad Nikah (solemnisation) at Carcosa Seri Negara - Kuala Lumpur.

5. Zilla & Lenni - Akad Nikah & Wedding Reception in Klang, Selangor D.E.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nurul & Suhaimi Studio Shoot In Collaboration with Jim Liaw (MPA)

Extremely excited today over an extraordinary shootout session with Jim Liaw (MPA) and his lovely wife, Ning. Stylist Sharon from Wedding Isle and her team of "miracle workers" did an amazing job with all the models - truly fantastic. As key shots were taken, we did some background shooting as well to tell the story of "the day we made beautiful images with Master Sifu!"

Sharon with her magical touch, working on Abby.

Sharon's team of "miracle workers" waving their magic wand!

Ning shooting in the background while the ladies work on to create their master pieces! And while the ladies were busy getting ready, Suhaimi & Jim sets the stage...
Fixing hairlights...
...and getting the correct reading is just as important as getting the makeover done right!
...the first masterpiece...Abby
Abby being shot by Jim Liaw
Suhaimi, Jim & Ning motivated by the bevy of beauties, couldn't stop clicking away!
Who could resist...they all looked a billion dollars!

...and the finale - shot taken from background while Jim & Suhaimi captured the main shots. It's fantastic working with Jim & Ning - their work has inspired us to this day and we're truly blessed to have friends like them. THANK YOU all - models, Sharon & Team, Jim & Ning! Let's do this again!
Nurul & Suhaimi