Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ta Da! TOPCAT Studio is here in Shah Alam!

Can't believe it's March already!!! How time flies, esp when you're putting up a studio! Did I just say a studio? Yea! It all happened over a mee rebus lunch when both me and hubby were wishing we could find a location for our studio that would fit these criteria - got to be 3 steps away from home (tired of wasting time on the road), must be easy to spot, got to be along some main road for easy access and most importantly, must be near good food and of course, reasonable rental!

Then comes along the towkay of the kopitiam, Hussain (who is a well known landscape artist, by the way) - "Why don't you just check out the floor above this kopitiam?". So easy ah? We've been scouting places, but didn't realise the floor above is for rent cos the owner was not keen on renting, and no "for rent" sign. Still we gave him a call, not hoping for much since he was quite choosy on tenants.

Well, turns out, he knows a photographer friend of ours, and as we chatted it seems as though he has already rented the place to us! With no agreement signed, no payment made yet, he just handed a bunch of keys to us and before we know it, painting and the flooring started to take place...

I've had this vision of a huge studio space with enough room for consultation area, and a room to spare for holding workshops (a room was already partitioned - now how convenient can that be!) and mini training sessions - and here it is, 30 (not 3, but who's complaining?!) steps away from home, facing main road to Bkt Jelutong (Jln Monfort), 3 minutes from NKVE and above the newly opened Geylang Kopitiam and steps away from the famous Aimar Char Koay Teow.

View from studio - blue building is Kompleks SMS Polis.

We've given ourselves up to June this year to get a place that fits our rigid criteria and can't believe it just literally fell on our hands! Syukur Alhamdullilah is all we could say. So today, all the basics are up and running - we've had several test shots done with many volunteers! and will be holding photography classes and forums soon. Step in to TopCat Studio by 4-1 Jalan Opera G, TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam.

Below: Photographers space with large shooting area.

Below: Cosy private corner for clients - excuse the bare walls - that's just work in progress!

Flooring by Floor Depot, curtains by Ben from Klang (very good selection, great service and we later found out, he's also a photographer - how cool is that!), aircond and painting all done by our longtime family contractors, lightings fixtures from Ah Long (no, not that type, it's just his name) from TTDI Jaya. That's Ah Long (in B&W) hard at work - and the aircond specialist who is camera shy and prefers silhoutte shots - the others all ran away when the camera came out...

So if you need any recommendations, we'll be happy to help. If you need some portraits taken too, we'll be eager to do it!

Heaps of thanks to all of you (friends of Salleh!) for making the shoot!

March and April 2009 is our promotional period for studio portraiture! CONTACT us NOW for the personal portraiture and family shots that you've always wanted!

TopCat Studio


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  4. Sure thing! Do visit us from time to time - virtually or physically!

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