Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Double Celebration - Double The JOY!!! Zul & Dini - Aidil & Aida

The past 2 days was indeed enjoyable for us when we covered the wedding reception of two brothers, Aidil & Zul which was arranged on the same day. The reception was hosted by the Grooms' family in Telok Gadong, Klang. Zul & Dini's reception at the bride's house was done on Saturday, while this one was on Sunday. We feature here some images from the Sunday event. Aida & Aidil (left) getting ready in Damansara Heights, while Zul & Dini were busy doing the same in Melawati.

2 beautiful brides captured in a day!
Both anxious as they made their way to Klang.
The rain stopped just before the 2 couples arrived - a blessing to us photographers, too! Traffic stopped as they crossed the road - talk about being Kings and Queens for the day!
Not everyday you get to see 2 weddings under one roof!
Settling down on the specially designed "double pelamin".
And the fans roared...and clicked!
No one could be prouder than their parents.
...and of course, the Groom's BIG family.
Enjoying the feast.
Sharing the wedding cake, too.
Aidil & Aida - relaxing after the long day.
Zul & Dini - what a great day it's been!
Aida & best friends since primary school days.
Zul, Dini & friends join in the fun.

C0ngratulations to all of you and may you be blessed with a life full of love. Zul & Dini - have a safe trip back to Ireland & Germany. Hope to see you when you come back next. Thank you for letting us share this special day with you.

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