Monday, February 16, 2009

Zarir & Aimi - A Wedding Story

We've been working very hard these past few weeks, putting together some wedding albums, and it makes our day just to hear the couple say "yippie!" when they see their albums for the first time! This is one couple who truly appreciate photography. Thank you - Zarir & Aimi, for letting us share with you your most joyous day. Here are some of the pages from their album...

Wishing you both a life full of love! (PS: Can't wait to see your Aussie pix...!)


  1. salaam guys!

    lol.oh sure thing.maybe we could work something out
    mashaAllah nothing compared to your masterpieces really.
    but still,thank you.the lovely photos.the heavier than our cat,wedding album.the warmth.the kindness.
    the commitment.everything.the list is never exhausted.

    regards from our families in ipoh and gombak:)

  2. Thank you - kirim salam to both your families too. Will love to do some more pix with you two when our studio is up and running, Insya Allah. Salam!