Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lyana & Amir - Rendezvous Hotel & Post Wedding Outdoor Shoot

After the reception (hardly able to keep their eyes open!), the bride and groom graciously obliged to a few portrait shots before calling it a night!

We're gonna be seeing Amir & Lyana this weekend at Dewan Perdana when Amir's family host the reception here in KL.

Here are some shots done a day after their wedding. We only had a few hours to shoot before continuing our drive back to KL, so there was no chance of waiting for the perfect lighting - boy, did we endure the midday sun with a temperature that felt like boiling point!

Our patience finally paid off when the paths were cleared of people taking Sunday strolls. With only a few seconds of clearance we got the shot without anyone peering from behind!

Right after this shot was taken, we all headed for the ice cream man parked nearby for some cooling down!
Take a look at us (reflection) - all working hard to get the best lighting!

See you this weekend, Amir & Lyana!

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  1. merci de France
    tous mes voeux de bohneur

    Annie Fouquet