Thursday, April 29, 2010

GREAT Outdoor Portraits 2

What a BLAST it was last Saturday! Rained heavily at 2am...alhamdullilah, we were blessed with fine weather by the time we started gathering at 7.30am. A big "Thank You" to all participants and special thanks to Yana and Sofea for being our models for the day. All had great fun, and most important, beginners or not, see the images they produced at the end of the day!!! Unbelievable! Shooting using kit lenses, they learnt about shooting with a single light source, mixing daylight with flash (when it got cloudy), sculpting subjects with MUCH more!!!

Have fun admiring their images...JOIN US for the next workshop! It's serious fun!

Don't just be a "point and shoot" or "program mode" shooter! Learn to control settings, to get the image you want, not just what the camera produce!
"Real learning starts when the mind starts exploring new windows..."
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  1. ...such a splendid workshop!

  2. Thanks, we enjoyed it just as much:)