Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1st Wedding at Kellie's Castle - Marlin & Arieff

Who would've thought that the management would allow a huge wedding party to be held at this historic and beautiful place. Only Marlin could pull this off when she managed to convince everyone to agree to her idea!
This classic beauty is another one of Marlin's surprise - both arrived in this 1962 vintage car (proudly driven in by owner Mr Veloo). Mesmerized by the whole idea, crowds of people gathered around the castle throughout the whole day to have their pictures taken!
Enjoying their wedding cake and absorbing the memories of the day!

Everything went on smoothly, Alhamdullilah. Marlin & Arieff - time off for some scenic shots - before the rain came! It poured and poured right after the event! We managed to squeeze in quite a number of shots before that.
Inside Kellie's Castle - with family & friends!
Ze beautiful bride...

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