Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shahrul & Nurul Akmar - Portraits @ Villa Sentosa

Melaka is always one of our favourites for wedding shoots, or any shoot for that matter. Nostalgic settings, historical sites and all remind me of my hometown Penang. This time we had the privillege of shooting some wedding portraits in Kampung Morten - to be exact at Villa Sentosa.

Villa Sentosa is is a Malay living museum, a beautiful 1920's Malay house built along Melaka River - a popular tourist attraction. You can now see why...

Seated on this original 1920's bed.

The picture frames and all the clippings on the wall will shed light on this historical wonder. Over here, walls do speak!Look at all the antiques around and the old LPs on the wall behind.
This was taken just outside their home in Melaka, right after the wedding.

Wish we had more time! (as usual!)

Congrats and many many thanks to Nurul Akmar, Shahrul & family.