Saturday, September 19, 2009

JLP 911 - A Weekend with Jim Liaw (MPA)

We've know Jim for almost 8 years now? (Me thinks) He and his lovely wife, Ning (whom he frequently refers to as "darling'!) have both been a big influence to us in photography - both in the creative as well as business sense. So when we heard they were holding their first workshop, we jumped on the chance to pop in & support, refresh, meet other photographers, re-boot our tired minds...well basically we just need to get on board!

A big THANK YOU" to Jim & Ning for always opening their doors to us - actually, for not ever having any 'doors' - for they're always willing to impart their knowledge/experiences to anyone with open minds.

Here's a little snippet - a sneak peak into what goes on in a Jim Liaw's workshop. Packed with knowledge sharing, shooting sessions, photo reviews, lighting for results, personal coaching on posing, tips on warming up your brides, post production, creating fine art portraits like a pro....all in 2 days!
If you're not getting a clear picture here, just follow this link:-

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  1. Very thoughtfull post on personal coaching. It should be very much helpfull

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