Sunday, September 27, 2009

GHIONIS In KL - What Can One Person Do

He's got class, he's got style. He brims with ideas, he's undisputedly a huge influence to photographers today. And he's got such a big heart. He's Jerry Ghionis - and what an experience it was to watch him in action - here in KL!

Truly a master at what he does, Jerry pours his heart out when relating his style, his approach and his thought process to us. He's so generous in sharing - and he even got the hotel to extend his time with us! Both of us are very much drawn to his refreshing approach in photography, but the one thing that we truly believe makes him stand out so vividly is his genuine love for people - his openness, sincerity and candid style.

We've learnt so much from this one person in one day that it felt like we've been here 5 days! We can't wait for him to bring his workshop to Malaysia next year. As photographers, we're always learning new ways to do things. It's such a dynamic profession that you'll find that you've just got places to move on to, even when you think you're "there". (Is this making sense at all? I can't find a better way to say it!)

We love photography - we love the art of capturing emotions, seeing lines and shadows that tell a story and Jerry's taught us many different ways to make MAGIC happen when we see the world through the lens.

"WHAT CAN ONE PERSON DO." It's amazing what God has given us. A heart to feel and to care. That love that the ONE person carry will go a long, long way! He talks with passion about his Cambodian project. He'll be dedicating his gift of photography to make a difference to the orphanages in Cambodia. As he advocates (from his blog) - "you can't save the world with one photograph, but you can change the world one photograph at a time." (wipe your tears...)
This valuable lesson - "what can one person do" - is permanently etched in our hearts and minds.

Jerry's got great humour!

Malaysia has a pool of talented photographers. We need to value our craft more and respect the work we do day in and day out. It's not about being out there to knock competitions down with dollars and cents. We've truly lost our values, if this is all we've been doing. It's about raising the industry standard. "A journey of a thousand miles begin with one step."
What can one person do.
It starts with the "man in the mirror" - stand UP and be counted.
Talk no more - just DO it!!!

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  1. I love this guy. He inspired me..he is one of my reference. I love his style. I just noticed about him coming to KL at the last minute. I didn't got the enough money to go to his workshop. I wish he will come again next year.