Sunday, September 6, 2009

ONE2ONE Studio Lighting Session

Our One2One Studio Lighting Session at TOPCAT Studio started about a month ago - phew! Finally got it going 6 months after officially opening our studio, and finally got to post some behind the scenes here. The good news is that more and more photographers are enquiring and coming on board to hone their skills in glamour and portraiture lighting. That shows their seriousness and commitment, and most of all their love for photography. It's been a wonderful journey - sharing and exchanging experiences/know-hows with all of them. You know the saying, "the more we teach, the more we learn."
Welcome to the world of studio lighting...! Here seen with Derrick and his bevy of angels.When the student is ready, the teacher will appear...
Getting a taste of fashion lighting

Wife happy, husband happy, model happy, everyone happy...woaahhh! He's on his own now....
This is what I want to achieve girls!
Thanks Derrick and wife, for coming over. Now you've got some tricks in your pocket, up your sleeves and everywhere else...!
CALL to register for our One2One Studio Lighting Session!

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