Monday, March 29, 2010

BTS - Great Outdoor Portraits Workshop

Went to bed on 26th, praying hard for fine weather. Wuz raining cats and dogs that nite. Alhamdullilah, woke up to such fine weather! Participants to our Great Outdoor Portrait Workshop had such a great time learning, experimenting and having fun! Thanks everyone for your participation, and a gazillion thanks to our models, Sofea and Liyana who both had the toughest job of all - posing under the hot sun and looking cool under the sweltering heat! Enjoy the BTS pix!

Getting to know participants and their gear before the shoot and sharing key points about portraits with natural light. (Don't forget the principles for that 3D effect!)
Play with light. God is the greatest light artist. We just have to learn to see things differently to capture His creation.
(Used to be traffic police?? Hehe) Explaning the hows and whats of using reflectors. Remember - we're at the Equator.
The "L-L-D" technique (sendiri create punye) for participants to remember and adopt always! No more P-A-S method (Point And Shoot!).
All geared up to shoot.
Last minute briefing.
Testing a few shots with Sofea.
A candid moment caught.
Learning to see light differently.
Learn new techniques for creating great portraits. It's not all about technical knwoledge. A huge chunk is about composition, posing and flirting with light (yes, flirting encouraged here! Hahaha!)
Liyana on the rocks. Great outdoor portraits - what you see is not necessarily what you get, if you know what to look out for!
Second shooting session - usage of props, creating more drama with and otherwise ordinary portraits. Ingat - work within your radius! You can have at least 6 different shots with the same pose!
Overcast days? Light too harsh? No problem! Re-direct - create own shades!
Great Outdoor Portraits workshops incorporate the hard part (technical know-hows) and the softer side of photography. Each participants are given more than enough time to create the images on their own.
Congrats guys! You're on to creating great portraits on your own. Til we meet again in our next follow up session! Terima kasih, semua!
Next Great Outdoor Portrait Workshop - April 2010. (Date & venue to be confirmed)
"Real learning starts when the mind starts looking through different windows..."

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