Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IMAGES from The Great Outdoor Portrait Workshop

Below are the images produced by our participants who called themselves "beginners" in portrait photography. From these images, they certainly are beginners no more! We're so proud of their achievements and are truly satisfied with what they were able to produce in less than one day!

Real learning starts when the minds starts exploring new windows....and that's the direction we took them through in the workshop. See through your mind's eye. BE the director, not just a passive shooter. Enjoy these images (post production done on skin, color and texture).
Framing, composition, colors and props...

add in some DRAMA to your images...

Experiment with shadows and make light your ally.
Some of the participants were only using their kit lens. No flash were permitted to be used for this outing cos the light was so perfect already! So we challenged them to keep their flash units and start seeing light the way it should be seen!
Come join us for our next workshop - you'll be amazed at what you'll learn. Photography is such a dynamic art that there is no end to learning new things and tricks. Come for the learning, stay for the extra tips!
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