Thursday, March 25, 2010

GREAT Outdoor Portraits with Liyana

The weather was just great yesterday for us to do these portraits with the lovely Liyana. It was her first photoshoot with us, and we styled in various looks. We were outdoors first, then proceeded to the studio for more great shoots.

The pictures here are evidence that she looks amazing in each and every shot. The camera just loves her! Infact, we liked the raw shots so much that there's really minimal photoshop done, and one most of it, none done, except for cropping. Whatd'ya say to a cool gal who delivers these great moments each time you about - "wanna do the shoot again?" Yes, Liyana will take part in our GREAT Outdoor Portraits Workshop this Saturday (27th March)! Can't wait! Meanwhile, just enjoy these fantastic moments....and drool...

For great portfolios, contact us at TOPCat Studio! We go crazy over portraits!
Suhaimi (012-3829916) / Nurul (012-2079916)

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